Welcome to the website for The Confessional Presbyterian, a journal for discussion of Presbyterian doctrine & practice. See our About page for background on the purpose and scope of the journal. The journal is now in its 15th year. The 2018 14th issue has shipped to subscribers and may be purchased in the store and there are special offers as well. We are accepting submissions and proposals for volume 15 for 2019 (G. Voetius) and 2020 (Ussher), for which see more information below.

2018: T. D. Witherspoon (1836–1898). 

We are planning future issues whose cover subjects are:

2020. James Ussher (1581–1656).2020.

2021. Robert L. Dabney (1581–1656).

Please contact the editors if you have an interest in writing and submitting for any of these future issues planned. See our submissions page for style and other questions of form.

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