It is hard to believe this is the seventh year for The Confessional Presbyterian journal; and the amount of material we have been pleased to present currently extends to six issues (2005-2010) amounting to about 1,700 pages. The editors are at work on the 2011 issue; stay tuned to our news page for details. Meantime I thought I would review some of the material we have been able to present over the last six years, and here I would notice one of the ongoing departments of the journal.

Antiquary is one of the regular features of The Confessional Presbyterian. As the title implies it affords exploring the ‘antiquities’ (old books and MS, etc.) relating to Presbyterianism. Below is the listing of the entries for the past 6 issues (2005-2010). Each entry to date has had its unique difficulties and rewards in researching; but the most recent entry on Westminster Abbey Library had many challenges to overcome. The result I believe uncovers some new and interesting facets of one of those aspects Dr. S. W. Carruthers would call the “every day work” of the Westminster Assembly. One particular item that may afford future research was the uncovering and transcribing of a MS list of books taken from Archbishop Laud’s library for use by the Assembly in their debates. Full sets of the journal are still available (currently on sale at $75 a set postage paid, USA; $110 International). To purchase issues see the online store:

Antiquary: “The Traditional Form of The Westminster Standards.” The Confessional Presbyterian 1 (2005). This is a companion piece to the article in the same issue: “Examining the Work of S. W. Carruthers: Justifying a Critical Approach to the Text of the Westminster Standards & Correcting the 18th Century Lineage of the Traditional Scottish Text.”

Antiquary: “T. & J. Swords. Part One. Printers During the Federal Period to Doctors, Scientists, Friendly and Calliopean Clubers, and other New York Literati, as well as High Churchists, and the Occasional Presbyterian.” The Confessional Presbyterian 2 (2006).

Antiquary: “T. & J. Swords. Part Two. Two Large Presbyterian Works (Miller’s Brief Retrospect and the 1799 first edition of the ARP standards).” The Confessional Presbyterian 3 (2007).

Antiquary: “T. & J. Swords. Part Three: The ‘High Churchism’ Controversy.” The Confessional Presbyterian 4 (2008).

Antiquary: “The James Durham MSS Held by Glasgow University Library.” The Confessional Presbyterian 5 (2009).

Antiquary: “Westminster Abbey Library: And Other Theological Resources of the Assembly of Divines (1643–1652).” The Confessional Presbyterian 6 (2010).

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