The Confessional Presbyterian volume 13 (2017)


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The Confessional Presbyterian Volume 13 (2017)  256pp.

Cover: Hughes Oliphant Old (1822–2016)

Table of Content

2. Editorial


3. Daily Prayer in the Reformed Church Of Strasbourg, 1525–1530. By Hughes Oliphant Old

12. Hughes Oliphant Old. By Mary McCaw Old
16. According to the Custom of the Ancient Church: Recovering the Patristic Roots of Reformed Worship. By Glen J. Clary
31. Those Who Lead Worship. By Terry L. Johnson
45. Calvin the Pastor. By Ian Hamilton
50. John Calvin’s Pastoral Theology: An Explanatory Outline. By Marcus J. Serven
67. John Calvin on the Fall and the Imago Dei. By Barry Waugh
81. Martin Bucer’s Eucharistic Development. By Brian H. Nicholson
89. Johannes Oecolampadius: Exposition of Isaiah 53. By Diane Poythress
97. Secundum Substantiam and Relatiuum in Augustine’s De Trinitate: Getting the Trinity Right Then and Now. By James J. Cassidy
109. The Doctrine and Practice of Social Reform in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America: 1930–1945. By Joel Hart
121. Less Outward Glory: An Examination of Calvin’s Reformation of Worship. By Everett A. Henes
129. Let the Families of the Lord Give Praise! Calvin’s Piety of the Psalms as Prayer-Praise Generational Discipleship. By Timothy J. Gwin
145. “A Sabbath rest for the people of God”: An Exegetical Study of Hebrews 4:9–10. By Richard C. Barcellos
160. Adoption as Sons: A Reformation Recovery of an Essential Gospel Element. By C. N. Willborn

167 Reviews & Responses: Ottomar Cypris, Martin Bucer’s Ground and Reason: A Commentary and Translation (Walter L. Taylor) 167 ■ Matthew Barrett (ed.), Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary (Harrison Perkins) 171 ■ Geerhardus Vos, Reformed Dogmatics, 5 volumes (Lane Keister) 174 ■ Frank J. Smith (ed.), Religion and Politics in America: An Encyclopedia of Church and State in American Life (Benjamin P. Glaser) 179 ■ Jonathan Sarfati, The Genesis Account: A Theological, Historical, and Scientific Commentary on Genesis 1–11 (Wes Bredenhof) 181 ■ John Witte, Jr. and Robert M. Kingdon, ex, Marriage, and Family in John Calvin’s Geneva: Volume 1, Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage (Frank J. Smith) 183 ■ Doug J. Douma, The Presbyterian Philosopher: The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark (Wayne Sparkman) ■ Chad B. Van Dixhoorn, God’s Ambassadors: The Westminster Assembly and the Reformation of the English Pulpit, 1643–1653 (Jeffrey C. Waddington) ■

Psallo: Psalm 87:1–7
In Translatiōne: John Calvin’s Letters to the Ministers of Montbéliard (1543–1544): The Genevan Reformer’s Advice and Views of the Liturgical Calendar
Antiquary: The James Durham MS III: James Durham’s 228 Sermons on Song of Solomon 2–8

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