Welcome to the website for The Confessional Presbyterian, a journal for discussion of Presbyterian doctrine & practice. See our About page for background on the purpose and scope of the journal. Our 12th issue (2016) should go to production in April for a June release. The issue is our first with the full article section on one theme, which is “The Lord’s Day or Christian Sabbath”. The provisional contents are listed below and the finalized contents should be updated by April 15 (some articles and reviews are still pending). To subscribe or purchase back issues see the online Store. To view table of contents for past issues see our articles page or the author index for a listing of published material by author.


The Confessional Presbyterian Volume 12 (2016) approx. est. 296pp.

Cover: Thomas E. Peck (1822–1893)
Provisional contents (should be finalized by April 15).

Pastoral Letter on the Observance of the Sabbath

By Thomas E. Peck

The Lord’s Day, The Christian Sabbath

By T. V. Moore

Pastoral Letter on the Observance of the Sabbath

By Benjamin Morgan Palmer

Southern Presbyterian Sabbatarianism

By James Henley Thornwell, et al.

Dropping the Subject, Again? The Decline of Sabbatarianism in Old Southern Presbyterian Church and in the Presbyterian Church in America

By Chris Coldwell

The Doctrine of the Sabbath with a Particular look at its Application in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

By Benjamin P. Glaser

Politics, International Relations, and the Sabbath: The 1915 International Lord’s Day Congress

By Frank J. Smith

Leviticus 23 and the Old Testament Sabbath

By Benjamin Shaw

What Should a Typical Sabbath Look Like and Why?

By Ryan M. McGraw

The Christian Sabbath: Destiny not Drudgery

By Roy Mohon

John Calvin, the Nascent Sabbatarian

By Stewart E. Lauer

The Sabbath Day and Recreations on the Sabbath

By Lane Keister

Regulae de Observatione Sabbathi: The Synod of Dort’s (1618–19) Deliverance on the Sabbath

By Daniel R. Hyde

Is the Westminster Confession’s Doctrine of the Sabbath a Judaizing Doctrine?

By Geoffrey L. Willour

The Fourth Commandment: Annulled or Sustained?

By Carl E. Erickson

Additional articles: TBA

Reviews: TBA

Psallo: Psalm 5:1–12

In Translatiōne: John Brown of Wamphray: Recreations and the Sabbath

Antiquary: A Transcription of James Durham’s Sermon on Ephesians 4:11-12, preached before the Synod of Glasgow, October 5, 1652.