Welcome to the website for The Confessional Presbyterian, a journal for discussion of Presbyterian doctrine & practice. See our About page for background on the purpose and scope of the journal. The journal is now in its 14th year and we are accepting submissions for volume 14 for 2018. We are also planning several issues out to allow a greater amount of lead time if writers are interested in writing on particular subjects and wish to target a future issue. The current plan for cover themes currently on our artist’s work board are as follows (issues are not fully themed but the cover art provides a theme for some of the articles and may be helpful to writers in formulating related topics; but in general submissions may be on any topic).

2018 (current issue in preparation): T. D. Witherspoon (1836–1898). The cover theme if you wish to write toward it is Children of the Covenant. Otherwise the topics are wide open as usual. Some of the material already completed for this issue or in the works include: Extracts with comment on Witherspoon’s work on The Children of the Covenant (C. N. Willborn).  “Images of Christ and the Vitals of the Reformed System” (Harrison Perkins: Thesis and conclusion: the Reformed interpretation of the second commandment, which prohibits images of Christ, should be normative for our lives because the entire force of the Reformed system supports this position. The immediate import of this thesis is that exceptions to the confessional position do strike at the vitals of our faith and should not be permitted by presbyteries). “Antiquary: A Transcription from Manuscript of a Sermon on Psalm 2:10–12 by George Gillespie” (Introduction by W.D.J. Mckay; background and transcription by Chris Coldwell). There are only two known sermon specimens of Gillespie’s (his sermons before the English Parliament) and the discovery of even this good portion of a sermon and on this text is significant for that fact. “In Translatiōne: Johannes Hornbeeck (1617–1666), Disputational Piety at Leiden, and a Translation of De desiderio animae erga Christum” (Ryan M. Hurd).

2019. Gisbertus Voetius (1589–1676). This and the 2020 issue provide opportunity to address parallels, commonalities, roots, etc. which Presbyterianism shares with the Dutch Reformed and Nadere Reformatie and Puritan Anglicanism.

2020. James Ussher (1581–1656).

Other cover subjects we plan to have at some point but in no certain order include: Charles Hodge, William Farel, Jonathan Edwards, Robert L. Dabney. Please contact the editors if you have an interest in writing and submitting for any of these future issues planned. See our submissions page for style and other questions of form.

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