The Confessional Presbyterian 1 (2005)

CPJ-1-masthead The inaugural issue of The Confessional Presbyterian Journal in 2005 was a bit more modest in size than some of the later issues. It was 184 (approx. 209,520 words). This issue is out of print. While it is more modest in size and perhaps more significant material appeared later, because this issue proved out all the design work that went into creating the journal, it remains a personal favorite. The “Reframing Presbyterian Worship” by Frank J. Smith and David C. Lachman is an important piece and it has been put online. To purchase other volumes see the online store

3.      Faith Shewn by Works: A Sermon on James 2:18. By Samuel Miller, D.D.

11.      Samuel Miller, D. D. (1769-1850) An Annotated Bibliography. By Wayne Sparkman, M.A.R., M.Div.

43.      Examining the Work of S. W. Carruthers: Justifying a Critical Approach to the Text of the Westminster Standards & Correcting the 18th Century Lineage of the Traditional Scottish Text. By Chris Coldwell

65.      Jonathan Edwards on Scripture & Salvation. By W. Gary Crampton, Ph.D.

94.      The “Ministerial and Declarative” Powers of the Church and In Thesi Deliverances. By C. N. Willborn, Ph.D.

102.      A Critical Examination of N. T. Wright’s Doctrine of Justification. By J. V. Fesko, Ph.D.

116.      Reframing Presbyterian Worship: A Critical Survey of the Worship Views of John M. Frame and R. J. Gore. By Frank J. Smith, Ph.D., D. D. & David C. Lachman, Ph.D.

151.      Reviews & Responses: Stephen Westerholm, Perspectives Old And New On Paul: The ‘Lutheran’ Paul And His Critics (Rowland S. Ward) ■ Leonard J. Coppes, The Divine Days of Creation (Benjamin Shaw) with Response (Leonard J. Coppes) and Reply (Benjamin Shaw) ■ Norman Shepherd: Law and Gospel in Covenantal Perspective (Wayne Forkner) ■ Robert Traill: Justification Vindicated (Andrew J. Webb) ■ The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons: Debating the Federal Vision (J. Ligon Duncan III, Ph.D.).

164.      Psallo: Psalm 109:1-10.

166.      In Translatiōne: Andrew Willet’s Preface to Nicholas Bownd’s Sabbathvm veteris et Novi Testamenti.

168.      Antiquary: The Traditional Form of The Westminster Standards.



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