The Confessional Presbyterian 8 (2012)

CPJ-8-mastheadThis issue is 296 pp (approx. 267,503 words). OUT OF PRINT. The eighth issue of The Confessional Presbyterian journal is noteworthy for introducing a new feature, Sic et Non. Views in Review. The subject was Westminster Seminary California Distinctives? which spread over two subsequent issues. Nick Batzig and Jeff Waddington joined Jim Cassidy and Nick Willborn as editors of the articles section. I am biased but I again find the translation piece to be a standout, a first time translation of one of Calvin’s tracts that has heretofore not appeared in English. Response to a Certain Tricky Middler is noteworthy for the principle Calvin articulates regarding things idolatrously abused which George Gillespie would pick up on and turn to a fully realized rule in his Dispute against the English Popish Ceremonies. Out of Print.

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3.         Archibald Alexander & the Founding of Princeton Theological Seminary. By James M. Garretson

20.       1823–1830: The Establishment Of Princeton’s Polemic. By Allen Stanton

35.       Samuel Miller’s Pastoral Theology. By Andrew J. Webb

44.       Hodge and Thornwell: “Princes in Israel”. By C. N. Willborn

55.       Old Princeton and American Culture: Insights from J. W. Alexander. By Gary Steward

65.       The Old Testament at Old Princeton. By Benjamin Shaw

74.       “Right Reason” and the Science of Theology at Old Princeton Seminary: A New Perspective. By Paul Kjoss Helseth

91.       Princeton and Evolution. By Fred G. Zaspel

99.       Some Personal Thought on B. B. Warfield’s Life and Significance: A Lecture. By Carl R. Trueman

109.     The Reorganization of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Exhaustion of American Presbyterianism. By D. G. Hart

120.     Archibald Alexander D. D. (1772–1851) An Annotated Bibliography. By Wayne Sparkman


153.      Sic et Non. Views in Review: Westminster Seminary California Distinctives?

            154.     I. Law and Gospel . By Michael S. Horton with Response by Mark A. Garcia

177.     II. The Reformed Two Kingdoms Doctrine. By David VanDrunen with Response by Jeffrey C. Waddington

197.     III. The Republication of the Covenant of Works. By J. V. Fesko with Response by Cornel Venema

228       Reviews & Responses: Andrew Hoffecker, Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton (Barry Waugh) 228 ■ Kevin Giles, The Eternal Generation of the Son: Maintaining Orthodoxy in Trinitarian Theology (James J. Cassidy) 230 ■ N. T. Wright, How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels (Caleb Nelson) 234 ■ Carl R. Trueman, The Creedal Imperative (W. G. Crampton) 237 ■ Ryan M McGraw, The Day of Worship: Reassessing the Christian Life in Light of the Sabbath (Matthew Vogan) 243 ■ Clinton Arnold, Ephesians, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (Jimmy Hall) 247

252       Psallo: Psalm 16.

254       In Translatiōne: Calvin’s Response to a Certain Tricky Middler

276       Antiquary: James Henley Thornwell’s First Pastoral Ministry at the Waxhaw Presbyterian Church

In Brief: Letter from Dr. Samuel Miller to Dr. A. W. Mitchell, Treasurer of the Presbyterian Board of Publication, October 7, 1840, (43) ■ Dr. John M. Mason and a Colorblind Lord’s Table (54) ■ Rev. Dr. Alexander in Virginia (64) ■ Warfield: Revision Or Reaffirmation? (73, 108) ■ Warfield: “Dr. McCosh as a Teacher” (98) ■ Warfield: On the Expansion of the Seminary (119)


Archibald Alexander

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