The Confessional Presbyterian 9 (2013)

CPJ-9-mastheadIn the ninth issue of The Confessional Presbyterian Journal we finally give Thornwell his due. The editorial view was that the stand out piece is Jeong Koo Jeon’s The Covenant of Creation and the Kingdom of God. The translation piece to go with the topic of Thornwell, is a new translation of Franciscus Gomarus on Roman Catholic Baptism. This issue remains in print.

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3.         A Sermon on Hebrews 11:7. By James Henley Thornwell

5.         James Henley Thornwell: An American Theologian. By C. N. Willborn

21.       To the Law and the Testimony: James Henley Thornwell and Jus Divinum Presbyterianism. By Chris Thomas

35.       Binding Bodies and Liberating Souls: James Henley Thornwell’s Vision for a Spiritual Church and a Christian Confederacy. By Christopher C. Cooper

48.       Carolina Scots, the Westminster Confession, and a Deceased Wife’s Sister. By Barry Waugh

51.       Systematic Theology and the Preaching of Samuel Davies. By Breno Macedo

63.       William Swan Plumer’s Defense of the Impeccability of Jesus Christ. By Caleb Cangelosi

79.       Centennial Addresses Commemorating the Birth of the Reverend James Henley Thornwell. By Barry Waugh, Thomas H. Law, Thornton Whaling, & A. M. Fraser

103.     In the Presence of a Common Foe: Billy Sunday and Conservative Presbyterians in the Battle Against Liberalism. By Scott Korljan

123.     The Covenant of Creation and the Kingdom of God. By Jeong Koo Jeon

143.     No ‘Absolute Impeccability’: Charles Hodge and Christology at Old and New Princeton. By James J. Cassidy

157.      Sic et Non. Views in Review: II. Westminster Seminary California Distinctives?

.           The Republication of the Covenant of Works. By Cornel Venema with Response by J. V. Fesko

188       Reviews & Responses: Chad Van Dixhoorn, The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly 1643–1652 (Rowland S. Ward) 188 ■ J. V. Fesko, Word, Water, And Spirit (Ryan M. McGraw) 190 ■ Rejoinder by J. V. Fesko 197 ■ Sur-Rejoinder by Ryan M. McGraw 200 ■ Vern Sheridan Poythress, Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought (J. C. Keister) 202 ■ Walter H. Conser Jr. and Robert J. Cain, Presbyterians in North Carolina: Race, Politics, and Religious Identity in Historical Perspective (Frank J. Smith) 204 ■ Preston Graham, Jr., A Kingdom Not of This World: Stuart Robinson’s Struggle to Distinguish the Sacred from the Secular During the Civil War (Benjamin Shaw) 210

213       Psallo: Psalm 89:15–29.

216       In Translatiōne: Franciscus Gomarus on Roman Catholic Baptism

224       Antiquary: An Overview and Analysis of George Gillespie’s Dispute Against the English Popish Ceremonies

.           In Brief: Thornwell: The Sacrifice of Christ (20) ■ Death of Dr. Plumer (78)


The Confessional Presbyterian 9 (2013)

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